About the Artist

Catherine Sweeney is a Metro-Detroit based artist primarily focused on metal fabrication. Prior to studying art, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Conducting from Wayne State University. While pursuing a Post-Baccalaureate in Fine Art at Macomb Community College, Catherine developed a passion creating sculptural objects where she explored
how trauma and mental health shape personal identities. Catherine is a recipient of the SURP Academy Scholar Award 2022-2023, where she studied and exhibited figurative art at the New York Academy of Art in June 2022. Since then, her sculptures have been shown in several juried group exhibitions across the Metro-Detroit.

During her graduate studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Catherine looks to expand her practice, embracing new materials and techniques in hope of breathing new life into her metalwork. She aims to spread the hope she’s discovered in her materials and the resilience she’s manifested through them. Through deep introspective research, Catherine works to illuminate the complex beauty of the human psyche and extinguish mental health stigma. As her love and understanding for humanity blossoms, Catherine’s artwork has grown to celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit, breathing new life and empathy into her work. A recipient of the Wingate Scholarship Fund, Catherine plans to expand her material vocabulary through iron work at Penland School of Craft this summer. As an active, emerging artist, Catherine continues to forge relationships with Detroit galleries, collectors, and artists.